Get Rid of Bad Doggy Breath With 5 SImple Steps

Get Rid of Bad Doggy Breath With 5 SImple Steps
January 29, 2014 by Dr Loridawn Gordon

Dog’s get bad breath! It's only natural. A dog’s bad breath, which is sometimes called halitosis, is mainly caused by poor ingestion. Here are a few things you can do to help cure yours bad breath.

1. Brush, Brush, Brush

Just like humans, dogs teeth can (and should) be brushed. Using a soft bristle brush or an actual dog brush can be used to clean your furry friend’s teeth. If your dog doesn’t like the brush, use a finger brush from the vet or a local pet store can help get into your dog’s mouth much easier.

2. Toothpaste

Yes, there is doggy toothpaste. Using toothpaste for your dog’s teeth can make brushing more tasteful for the dog. Toothpaste for dogs can come in many different flavors including vanilla and chicken. If brushing your dog’s teeth is difficult, you can also put toothpaste on chew toys, that way the paste enters the mouth.

Human toothpaste should never be used with dogs – it can be very harmful to their health. When choosing toothpaste, make sure it is meant for dogs and is an organic and natural toothpaste. You can also opt to use baking soda. Just remember you only need a small amount to clean your companion’s teeth. 

3. Change the Diet

A dog’s bad breath might be caused by the food that they are eating. This could be the result of an overall unhealthy diet or by food getting stuck between teeth. Diet is the foundation of good health for your dog, and an unhealthy diet can lead to:

• Bad breath
• Gingivitis
• Disease

4. Mints and Mouthwash

Dog mints and mouthwash can be effective. They can prevent tarter build up and come in many flavors. There are also plaque sprays to help keep your dog’s oral hygiene top notch. With any product that you purchase for your dog, always make sure you read the ingredients to make sure that they are organic, natural, and no chemicals. 

5. Chewing Bones and Toys

Chewing bones are good for your dog’s dental hygiene, but you must monitor your dog to make sure they don’t choke while chewing. Some bones can chip or be overly dry, putting your pet in harm. You need to find the perfect bone with just a little meat and not a lot of little bones that they can choke on. Some bones can cause constipation. Chewing on toys will also keep your dog’s oral hygiene healthy.

6. Treats

There are many treats out there that can help your dog’s oral hygiene. When choosing a treat that is right for your dog, look for treats that have normal fat content and that are made from natural and organic ingredients.

Your dog is your responsibility. Keeping a good eye on how their oral hygiene will prevent disease in the future. If these simple steps do not work for your dog, visit your vet and they will thoroughly clean your furry friend’s mouth. After all, you wouldn’t want bad breath and poor hygiene – neither does your dog.

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