The Voting's Begun!!

The Voting's Begun!!
May 9, 2012 by Connie Wilson

Between April 1st and June 30th you can vote to select the finalists in the 2012 American Hero Dog Awards. You’re allowed to vote once a day up until June 30th for dogs in each of these categories: Law Enforcement/Arson Dogs; Service Dogs; Therapy Dogs; Hearing Dogs; Emerging Hero Dogs; Military Dogs; Guide Dogs; Search and Rescue Dogs (you can see all the nominees by clicking here ). The dogs with the most votes in each of the above categories will be chosen to walk the red carpet at the Hero Dog Awards weekend, October 5-6, in Beverly Hills, California. All finalists will also have a chance to be chosen as the Grand Prize winner (the “American Hero Dog”). For more info and official rules, click here.

Browse the nominees and place your vote today!

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