Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day

Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day

On behalf of Modern Dog magazine I would like to give thanks to those who made great sacrifices serving our countries in order to secure peace. It's my hope that respect, tolerance and love will continue to grow amongst us all so that world-wild peace will eventually reign.

Also not to be forgotten are the war dogs that have also played their part in the military like the tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky who was found bedraggled and starving in a foxhole in the New Guinea jungle. No one knows her origin, but she was highly intelligent and was taught many tricks, entertaining troops in camps and hospitals from Australia to Korea. She also became a war dog in Luzon, January 1945 by helping troops bring a communications cable through an eight inch pipe, that was seventy feet  long, under a runway. Pulling a string with the wires attached, she scrambled along the entire length of pipe, climbing through piles of sand that had accumulated along the way. Without her help, the taxi strip would have had to been closed down while a culvert was dug, exposing the planes to bombing. Now that's one patriotic pooch! For more on Smoky visit:

Here's a picture of Smoky:

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