Story: Three Handsome Male Dogs

Story: Three Handsome Male Dogs
December 8, 2011 by Connie Wilson

My girl friend Jacquie emailed me a funny story that gave me a laugh, brightening and lightening a rather stressful day.  Not sure who originally wrote this, but in any case, here it is. Hope you enjoy it as I did:

Three handsome male dogs are
walking down the street when
they see a beautiful, enticing,
female Poodle.

The three male dogs fall all over
themselves in an effort to be the
one to reach her first, but end
up arriving in front of her at
the same time.  

The males are speechless before
her beauty, slobbering on
themselves and hoping for just
a glance from her in return.

Aware of her charms and her
obvious effect on the three
suitors, she decides to be kind
and tells them, 'The first one
who can use the words 'liver'
and 'cheese' together in an
imaginative, intelligent sentence
can go out with me.'

The sturdy, muscular black Lab
speaks up quickly and says:

'I love liver and cheese.'

'Oh, how childish,' said the Poodle.

'That shows no imagination or
intelligence whatsoever.'

She turns to the tall, shiny

Golden Retriever and says
'How well can you do?'

'Um. I HATE liver and cheese,'

blurts the Golden Retriever.

'My, my,' said the Poodle.

'I guess it's hopeless. That's just
as dumb as the Lab's sentence.'

She then turns to the last of

the three dogs and says,
'How about you, little guy?'

The last of the three, tiny in

stature but big in fame and
finesse, is the Taco Bell Chihuahua.
He gives her a smile, a sly wink,
turns to the Golden Retriever
and the Lab and says....

(ok this is good)

Liver alone.....  

Cheese mine

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