Small Dog Ownership On The Rise

Small Dog Ownership On The Rise
July 28, 2011 by Connie Wilson

I was interested to see that the latest APPA stats show ownership of small dogs is on the rise.  I found this particularly relevant as I have become, for the first time in my life, the guardian of a small dog. Thinking that I'm still a  "big dog" person at heart I realize I'm quickly morphing into a "small dog" proponent as I discover just how much easier it is for me to live my somewhat hectic life with a petite, rather than large, pooch and these APPA statistics certainly prove that others feel the same way. I'm sure that today's busy lifestyle, combined with increasingly smaller living spaces has a lot to do with this growing trend.  Take Penny, my Wirehaired Dachshund, for instance. Weighing in at twelve irresistibly cute pounds she is small enough to fit in a doggie travel bag so she can join me in-cabin should I need to fly to a destination (see my May 31st blog), vs. bigger dogs who are treated as cargo and required to fly in the hold of the plane (an alternative I could never put my dog through).  My recent weekend trip to historic and picturesque Victoria (BC's capital), on beautiful Vancouver Island, is case in point. I wasn't planning to bring Penny with me but when my kids told me they had weekend plans of their own and couldn't look after her, I decided to bring her along ... an easy decision considering Penny's convenient size and low maintenance personality.  The trip actually turned out to be more fun as a result of having her along... check out our fun and scenic trip in my subsequent blog.


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