Send a Cute Holiday E-Card Here

Send a Cute Holiday E-Card Here
December 12, 2013 by Connie Wilson

If, like me, you're running a little behind in your holiday preparations and starting to stress that you haven't yet gotten around to sending out those beautiful holiday greeting cards that are still in the box on your kitchen counter, relax. Save those cards for next year and instead send out these cute, free holiday e-cards that the staffers at Modern Dog have put together for you. It's quick, easy and fun. Just choose the card you'd like to send, then scroll down the page to fill out the to/from info. You can also put in a personalized greeting, and then preview the card to see how it will appear to the recipient. Then click "send" and you're done. There are lots of different cards to choose from so you can mix it up to send the most appropriate card to your friends, family, co-workers. There's even a card for the Bah-humbug person on your list! Have fun with it. :) 

Wishing you and you're loved ones a magical holiday season,


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