Safe Cycling With A Dog

Safe Cycling With A Dog
September 3, 2010 by Connie Wilson

When my dog Kaya was a young dog she had a bountiful supply of energy and it was next to impossible to wear her out. As a scent hound (Pointer X), she was always busily sniffing out something she’d want to chase after and had an uncanny knack of finding brilliant ways of escaping our backyard. And if not busily planning her next break, she’d be into some other form of mischief.  To keep that surplus energy in check she needed to be well exercised several times a day, but our long walks together just didn’t tire her sufficiently. That’s when I decided I’d try running her alongside my bike. With her leash attached and in hand I got on my bike but didn’t travel far before Kaya saw a squirrel, lurched to the left and I nearly crashed my bike. That was that… we never tried exercising together that way again.

Now years later, I found out about Springer. It’s an attachment you put on your bike that allows you to safely bike with your dog.  This would have been the perfect solution for exercising Kaya and saved us both tons of frustration. Click here for more info on Springer.

I was interested to hear that the folks at Springer are launching a Springer to the Rescue campaign and will be giving away a Springer bike attachment each week from September thru October 1st to shelters and rescue organizations. Those shelters and rescues can then raffle their Springer to raise dollars to assist in their rescue efforts. If you have a favourite rescue organization you’d like to nominate to receive a Springer, then write their name on the Springer America FaceBook wall.  Here’s the link:

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