October is Adopt-a-Dog Month

October is Adopt-a-Dog Month
October 1, 2008 by Connie Wilson

If you're considering adding a canine companion to the household mix, I hope you will consider a shelter dog. There are millions of dogs languishing in shelters, waiting for their forever homes, often-times given up not because they were bad dogs, but simply because their humans didn't realize the responsibility required in keeping them. And don't let the excuse of wanting a specific breed stop you from choosing a rescue, simply Google the breed you're looking for and add "rescue" to the search string and you'll be surprised at just how many breed-specific rescues you'll come up with. Or why not drop by your local shelter? Another option is Petfinder, that's where Jennifer, Modern Dog's creative director, found her new baby. She wanted another mini-Dachshund sibling for her dog, Esther. She went online at Petfinder and came up with hundreds of Mini's hoping for a home. She was able to find a "practically perfect" fit in Rosie, a long-haired Mini who now comes along to the office every day with her sister, Esther. Please make a dog's dream come true and make your first choice a rescue.

Here's Rosie (ain't she cute?!)...



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