A Love To Last A Lifetime

A Love To Last A Lifetime
September 7, 2012 by Connie Wilson

A Love To Last A Lifetime -

Remembering A "Heart" Dog


Twelve to thirteen years. That's what you get on average, a number many times over too short. Somehow, mercifully, though we are aware of the terrible discrepancy between our dogs' lifespan and ours, we manage to cast aside this fact: that is, of course, until we're facing the end. It's one of the most difficult moments we dog lovers face, having to say goodbye to a faithful canine friend, one who has filled our days with joy, laughter and loyal companionship. So, just how do you commemorate the passing of one whom has played such a significant role in your life? With National Pet Memorial Day coming up this Sunday, September 9th, there's no better time to give thought to this subject. Having experienced the heart-wrenching grief when my own "heart" dog, Kaya crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I've put together some of the ways I've commemorated and honoured her life. Things that I've done to keep her memory alive, things that helped me find solace and even joy, as well as a few things I wish I'd done. Some of these things are for the here and now, too, though they make wonderful keepsakes. If you've lost a dog, I hope that something here resonates with you and that your memories bring you happiness as mine have.

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