Flowers, Balloons and Dogs

Flowers, Balloons and Dogs
May 15, 2012 by Connie Wilson

Flowers, Sunday brunch, heart-shaped balloons and dogs bearing gifts... what could be better?!

I knew Mother's Day weekend was starting off right when I received a special Mother’s Day e-card compliments of my dog Penny (see previous blog). Then leaving work early on Friday (see it’s already getting even better!), my sisters, my dog Penny and I flew to visit my mom for the weekend where we celebrated Mother’s Day with loads of great food (not to mention loads of good wine), then we wrapped up our fun-filled weekend with a fabulous Sunday brunch. Upon my return home, my own daughters had a special surprise for me… a gorgeous bouquet of Peony roses and two heart-shaped balloons brought to me by two very sweet grand-dogs. What could be better?!

Aren't they darling?! Rose and Esther bearing heart-shaped balloons for me (In case you're wondering, Esther is wearing a BooBooLoon pet recovery collar as a result of lumpectomy surgery). 


Peony flowers, a favourite, grace my desk and cheer up my office.

Penny flies with us to Kelowna and rolls conveniently and effortlessly along in her Sherpa travel bag. It fits under the seat so she can ride in-cabin. If you're planning to fly with your own pet be sure you check your air carrier's rules and regulations prior to getting out to the airport. For instance, we flew with West Jet and they allow a very limited number of pets per flight (I believe four) and there's a $50 (each way) surcharge. On our flight back to Vancouver there was another dog right across the aisle from us and also a cat! Each was tucked into a comfortable ventilated travel bag.


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