A Favourite Routine

A Favourite Routine
March 28, 2009 by Connie Wilson

I love getting up early on Saturday mornings, as I don't want to waste any of my precious weekend time sleeping the day away. Of course, my dog Kaya is delighted with that mindset. The sun is getting stronger now, coaxing the hibernating plants, trees and shrubs back to life. It seems that you can almost feel the energy moving inside them.  At this time of morning we pretty much have the beach to ourselves...  just a few other early risers out with their dogs. Everything's quiet, the still broken only by the birds calling out to each other and the sound of the waves lapping up on the sand. Weekend walks don't take us as far afield as they used to as Kaya now 15 years old can't do the distance, but she's still loves to get out there. And so far she manages the short hike up the hill to our favourite little coffee shop where they make the best café lattes around and always have plenty of biscuits on hand for the local dogs.

Quiet morning time at Kits beach:

Our walk up the hill for a yummy coffee and biscuit for Kaya:


The dog-loving owners of Viva make sure there's always water and biscuits on hand for the local dogs. They even give me a blanket for Kaya to lie on so that her old bones can rest comfortably while we sit outside, me sipping my coffee and Kaya happily munching on biscuits. Passers-by stop to give Kaya some attention. This little girl loves Kaya's silky ears.

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