Dirty Penny

Dirty Penny
May 23, 2012 by Connie Wilson

My dog Penny got to spend this past weekend at one of her favorite spots on earth,  Salt Spring Island. The forested area around the house there is home to all sorts of creatures with new and exciting smells that entice my little dog off on one trail or another, tail a-wagging, trying to seek out the creature that left the enticing scent. It gives her hours of stimulation and exercise and is a whole different scene from our city life. We both benefit from this change of pace, mentally as well as physically. On our last day at this magical retreat the weather changed and it started to down-pour. Soon Penny came back from her latest adventure looking much like  a drowned rat. She still wasn't ready to come inside though and instead sought refuge under the overhang of the house where the ground was soft and dry. I'm sure she thought it was an ideal spot to wait out the rain. It was also a perfect spot to dig. Before I could stop her she was literally covered head to toe in dirt and debris and my previously clean little dog was one dirty Penny! The damage already done, I gave her a little more time romping, rolling and digging before scooping her up and dumping her in the sink for a bath.  After many applications of shampoo and subsequent rinsings, she was finally clean again and ready for our trip back home in the car. Check out the photos below...

Here's where Penny sought shelter from the rain and found a delightful, but dirty, place to romp:

Dirty Penny resigns herself to bath time:


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