Cycling With My Dog

Cycling With My Dog
May 9, 2013 by Connie Wilson

The recent stretch of summer-like weather in my part of the world has inspired me to get up a little earlier and cycle to work. Rather than talk myself out of it as I sometimes do with arguments such as, “I’ve got to bring the car as I’ll need to quickly get to that after-work appointment”, or “I’ve got too many things to carry so I’ll need the car”, or worse yet, “it takes too long and I can better spend the time working”, I instead talk myself into it with just how much better I’ll feel getting the exercise.   It takes me about 40 minutes there and another 40 minutes back. I don’t go the fastest route which is alongside traffic, but rather take the scenic route along the waterfront where, along with other cyclists, we enjoy peddling the winding seaside path where we can not only enjoy watching the Dragon boaters paddle, but also see the latest hatchings of baby geese and ducks. What a great way to start and finish the day! Of course, my canine side-kick Penny joins me on the ride. She sits comfortably within a Sleepy Pod Carrier. The carrier can also be easily removed from the rack it securely fastens to, so that you can use it for other types of travel (for instance, when travelling by air, it fits easily under the seat ahead of you so that your small dog can travel in-cabin). Highly recommended by both Penny and me!


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