The Rescue Party Tour

The Rescue Party Tour
July 17, 2009 by Connie Wilson

An American Opera and The Rescue Party Tour

Heartrending but ultimately uplifting, An America Opera is a documentary on the pet evacuation mission following Hurricane Katrina. Following the disaster, director Tom McPhee headed out to help and his resultant acclaimed feature-length documentary explores the aftermath of the tragedy and the displacement of New Orleans' house pets. Both wrenching and inspirational, McPhee explores the human/animal bond in light of a catastrophic situation and highlights the extraordinary individuals involved in the rescue mission, as well as those that stood in the way.

McPhee is now commencing a year-long tour of his film across the United  States. Entitled, The Rescue Party Tour he aims to showcase local animal rescue organizations and rescue groups allowing them to raise awareness of all they do in their communities.

The crowd at the Ann Arbor District Library screening showing off their magazines courtesy of Modern Dog!

To find out when and where the Rescue Party Tour's travels will take them click here and if they're coming to your town, please give them your support. Purchase a VIP Ticket... it will include a meet and greet with film director, Tom McPhee, airing of the documentary, a signed poster, plus $10 of every ticket will go back to support local animal charities.

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