Back by popular acclaim

Back by popular acclaim
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This weekend I brought you the Blackberry family of cats, compliments of Carol Fuegi of the Point Roberts Animal Wellbeing Society. The response to the photograph was overwhelming, proving that these forgotten creatures can touch the heartstrings of human beings.

Carol provided another photograph for your viewing pleasure, illustrating the gentle beauty of feral cats. The kittens featured here were tamed, and Tsawwassen Animal Hospital found responsible homes for each of them. Their mother, Aspen, has since been successfully trapped, but not before giving birth to five more kittens, who all received tree names.

“During a short period here, we are dealing with 26 more kittens,” Carol recently reported to the All Point Bulletin, Point Roberts’ local newspaper. APB was enlightened enough to cover the story of the cat trappers, a community issue that is often ignored by the mainstream media because they think people don’t care to know. “It’s a never-ending cycle unless the females are spayed in time. It’s mind boggling how fast this happens.”

Carol and PAWS co-founder Wilma Donaldson, 87, tramp through fields and forests spaying and neutering colonies of feral cats, and also pick up the odd stray dog needing to be rescued.

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