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Mutt Lynch Winery in Windsor, CA, is known for its unique and irreverent wines. Recently, they proudly announced the debut of their newest Artist Series wines at a recent Winemaker and Artists Reception at the winery’s tasting room!

The Artist Series showcases very limited production wines from Owner and Winemaker Brenda Lynch, and the amazing artwork of three talented Northern California artists-- Christie Marks, Glenyse


Sales of raw and raw alternative pet foods in the United States have more than tripled in the past 6 years.  While consumers love the idea of feeding fresh or frozen diets, many are looking for shelf-stable alternatives that are high in meat content and free from unnecessary fillers.

Air-dried diets offer excellent nutrition with the scoop-and-serve convenience of kibble. Air-drying is a slow and gentle process that naturally preserves nutrients in the raw ingredients, while


In line with the company’s goal to enhance your pet’s lifestyle, Petique Inc. is adding their newest versatile product to their travel collection, the Black Camo and Green Camo Pet Strollers.

These modern outdoor strollers are designed for your pets to


This September, Arts Brookfield is presenting dOGUMENTA, a curated exhibition created especially for pups! It will take place at downtown Los Angeles’ premier shopping and dining center, FIGat7th. Featuring artwork commissions from LA-area artists including Gali Basel, Sabrina Clouden, Meena Khalili, Janne Larsen, Joshua Levine, Gary Lockwood aka Freehand Prophet, Tucker Marder, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, Ruben Rojas and Alex Sheriff.


Think of your pup at home right now. Where are they in their house when you imagine them? In their bed? By the front door? Wherever they are you know they’re safe and comfortable. They can easily climb into their bed (or yours) and take a snooze until you arrive home. For shelter dogs, this isn’t the case. There is no forever human they can rely on, and while they wait, sometimes for months, they can be stuck on cold hard concrete.

 When a shelter is full of animals it can be hard to


Best Friend’s Animal Society has put together an amazing series of events called Strut Your Mutt; a chance for animal lovers to come together and raise money to save the lives of homeless pets. Strutt Your Mutt was built because of the heartbreaking fact that many cats and dogs are killed in shelters because they don


What do you think are the top 4 grimiest surfaces in your home? ('ll be surprised!)

Our guess was the toilet (duh!) or possibly under our sofa … maybe the dog bed? The answer came as a real surprise. We were asked this exact question by a microbiologist and we were amazed to learn that the top dirtiest places in our homes are...


Ticks are one of the most common blood-feeding parasites in the world. Did you know that tick populations, as well as tick-borne diseases, are increasing at alarming rates? According to the Centers for Disease Control diseases spread by ticks have more than tripled since 2004. In fact, Lyme disease can now be found on every continent except


The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, the organizer of Canada’s National Animal Welfare Conference, would like to share some exciting news. Going forward, our organization will be known as Humane Canada, and we want you to be part of Canada’s collective commitment to animal welfare across the nation.

The well-being of animals is core to our values as Canadians, and


Public Voting Opens to Choose Finalists for 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards

America’s animal lovers have spoken, and after more than half a million votes from across the country, 21 courageous canines are advancing to the semifinal rounds of the 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®



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