Why You Should Adopt A Friend Over the Holidays

Why You Should Adopt A Friend Over the Holidays
Why You Should Adopt A Friend Over the Holidays
If it's a considered decision, you can defy conventional wisdom


Reasons why you should adopt a friend over the holidays
While the holidays are a great time to give our loved ones surprise presents, giving pets as unexpected gifts is not recommended. Often ill considered or sprung upon the recipient, it’s these gifted pets that often end up dropped off at the shelter a month or two later. Shelter staff do, however, encourage potential adopters to come together as a family to decide whether or not the holidays are the right time for them to welcome a new furry addition into their family. Who knows—the holidays might just be the perfect time for you!

Why the holidays are a great time to adopt
Have you been thinking about adopting another dog but haven’t had the time to dedicate to integrating your new friend into your family during the busy work/school year? With kids, if you have them, off from school on holidays and you home from work, what better opportunity to bond with your new dog? Recently adopted dogs need time with their new families to show them the ropes and help them through this transitional period. Since the holidays are one of those precious times when the whole family is home together with some free time, it makes for great adoption timing. With everyone in the festive spirit and lots of time and love to give, welcoming a new rescue dog into your pack could be a great way to make this year’s holidays extra special.

The most important thing to remember is that adopting any animal should always be taken seriously and considered by all members of the family. Even if you think your grandmother might enjoy a canine companion for her early morning walks, it’s best to speak with her first and come to a united decision instead of surprising her with a new companion. Everyone on board? To the shelter! You’re about to change a life.

In short: adopting a dog over the holidays would not only make a dog's Christmas, it will likely make yours as well! What better way to celebrate the season than by making sure one less animal has to spend the holidays without a family to call their own?




Whether you’re giving a gift or giving back, here are 4 great ways to help our furry friends this holiday season!


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