The Why We Rescue Project

Why We Rescue Project
The Why We Rescue Project
Photo documentary project highlights the special bond between rescues and their humans


We believe that rescuing an animal is one of the most rewarding experiences around, and we love to hear stories of good hearts making a difference in the world. The Why We Rescue project by Theron Humphrey is a campaign documenting this very phenomenon. The talented photographer is collecting 50 inspiring rescue stories (one from each state). The love between these animals and their humans jumps through the photographs, and each story is one of devotion. 

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It is so very true, that rescuing an animal is the most rewarded experience. I have 3 dogs where 2 of them I took home from a rescue center when they were only a few month old, but already have been badly abused from their pre-owner.Thinking of this,make me still want to cry and it does hurt so much.
The most unbelievable thing is, that rescue dogs still love people, trust them and want to make them smile and happy. My dogs are so very loving,gentle, intelligent as well as cheeky and they make my life so very happy and complete. I always would get another dog from a rescue center. I wish more people in this world would give rescue animals a chance to be happy again.
Thu, 03/13/2014 - 13:56

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