Tips & Tricks to Help Shy Dogs Come out of Their Shell

Tips & Tricks to Help Shy Dogs Come out of Their Shell

Category: Dog Training
How to build confidence in a timid, shy dog! Tied outside the entrance of a café, the young Border Collie-mix paced and panted. An approaching couple, assuming that a dog tethered outside of a café would be friendly, moved toward him to say hello. But before they could get within five feet, he erupted into a frenzy of barks and shrieks and then urinated. The dog’s person rushed out, coffee in hand. “Sorry—he’s a bit shy,” she said, the dog cowering into her. Untying the dog, she quickly led him away down the street. more
Blonde Ambition

Elaine Hendrix on her off-screen mission to help animals

Category: Celeb
Elaine Hendrix has the kind of intense, dramatic beauty and commanding personality that makes heads turn when she enters a room. It's what's kept her as an in-demand actress in Hollywood for the past 20 years. more

Why Puppies and Dog Parks Don’t Mix

Category: Dog Life
You have a new puppy—congratulations! There are so many things you need to do. You need to feed him healthy meals and treats. You need to get him proper veterinary care. You need to socialize him. You need lots of patience—and paper towels. There are lots of things a new puppy needs to grow up into a healthy, confident adult dog. A visit to the dog park is NOT one of them. more
Toys Your Dog Will Love You Like CRAZY For

Toys Your Dog Will Love You Like CRAZY For

Category: Dog Life
Neolithic Dog Head

4,500-year-old Neolithic Dog Head Recreated—and it looks like a European Grey Wolf!

Category: NewsBite
The reconstruction, commissioned by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and based on a dog skull discovered in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, has revealed the face of a Neolithic dog for the first time in over 4,000 years. The size of a large Collie, it has features reminiscent of a European grey wolf. more


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