Cover Dog Contest: The Top 10 Runner Up Dogs

Cover Dog Contest: The Top 10 Runner Up Dogs

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Australian Shepherd, Baltimore, MD  Keller is a double merle Australian Shepherd. She is deaf and vision impaired, but as her owner Amanda Fuller says, “she will steal your heart in a minute!” Keller’s disabilities are due to irresponsible breeding, so Amanda has set out to spread awareness (check out “She proves to me every day that life is worth living.”   more
5 Fun Volunteer Ideas

5 Fun Volunteer Ideas to Help Shelter Dogs

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Transport Animals more

Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

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Storms, travel, vet visits, separation… Veterinarian-recommended Rescue Remedy Pet is an all-natural way to treat pet anxiety, fear, and behaviour issues. It contains a blend of five of the 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies, as developed by Dr. Edward Bach, that help your dog cope with different emotional aspects of stressful situations: more
Training Mistakes

Top 9 Common Dog Training Mistakes

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Are YOU Making These Common Dog Training Mistakes? “She doesn’t listen to us. We’re so frustrated!” the woman said as I walked in the door. “That’s why we called a dog trainer.” It’s true the little Goldendoodle was all over the map. Tell her to sit and she would, but in two seconds she’d jump up and dash off. Sometimes instead of sitting, she would lie down.   “What’s your release cue? The word you use to tell Fidget it’s ok for her to get up from sitting?” I asked. more
Adventure Pooch

Is Your Dog an Adventure Pooch?

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What's your dog's summer personality type? Are they a Party Pup, Adventure Pooch, Water Dog or City Hound? Take our Hello Summer Quiz to see what type of summer adventures best suit your dog.  Here's our recommended products for all the Adventure Pooches out there! more


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