12 days of Dogmas

The 12 days of Dogmas 2016

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Get Your Own Robotic Dog For Just $2899.99

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After a 12-year hiatus, Sony has brought back aibo, its robotic puppy. Tech-loving dog people can score one for a cool $2899.99. Powered by A.I. and cutting-edge robotics, this robot pup learns and responds to its human family. It will get to know its name over time, respond to you when called, and develop a unique, evolving personality based on your interactions with it. The high-tech dog will even form “an emotional bond with members of the household,” states Sony. more
What Are the Signs of Kennel Cough?

What Are the Signs of Kennel Cough?

Category: Health
Like humans, dogs can experience a noisy, dry cough caused by an irritated throat. However, persistent coughing paired with a fever, nasal or ocular discharge, or loss of voice may be symptoms of a more serious condition, such as kennel cough. more
The New Kids on the Block:

The New Kids on the Block:

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Say bonjour to the Barbet and hola to the Dogo Argentino! These two breeds are the newest to be recognized by the American Kennel Club, gaining full recognition and competition eligibility as of January 1, 2020.  more
Dr. Marty Pets

Paw Parent Appreciation!

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Dr. Marty Pets is currently accepting nominations for its first-ever “Paw Parent Hall of Fame”. We looking for submissions of amazing dog and cat parents across America, who go above and beyond to give the very best to their pets. This can be everyday pet parents, or pet professionals like veterinarians, groomers, shelter volunteers and more! more


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