The Dr. Dolittle of Pet Prosthetics

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When a veterinarian, desperate for help, brought a chocolate Lab to the human prosthetics and orthotics clinic where Derrick Campana worked 12 years ago, Derrick’s life was changed forever.  The dog, named Charles, needed a prosthetic leg due to a rare congenital deformity called ectrodactyly, which causes limbs to form abnormally. Serving animals was something Derrick had never considered, but he forged ahead nonetheless. After successfully creating a prosthetic leg on the first try, Derrick had a lightbulb moment.  more

Give Your Dog a Little Lift!

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If your dog needs some rear-end support, the Walkabout Rear Harness is a beloved solution that has helped many pet parents assist dogs who are having trouble standing, walking or getting up or down stairs while minimizing strain to their own backs. (from $50, more
12 days of Dogmas

The 12 days of Dogmas 2016

Category: Dog Life
12 Days Of Dogmas: Day 1 more
Cute Puppies

Cuteness Alert: Atlanta Humane Society Brings Puppies To Closed Aquarium For Too-Cute Outing

Category: Dog Training

Dog Excitedly Rings Bell to Notify Owners of Bears—In Their Swimming Pool!

Category: NewsBite
Terrier Daisy has been trained to politely ring a bell to be let outside. more


Dog of the Week!

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