Dogs' Past Lives and Secrets Revealed

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Like most people, I thought I knew my dog. For years, Esther has shadowed my every move, and this time spent together had given me fair insight into her personality. Or so I thought. more
These Entrepreneurs Turned Their Love of Dogs Into Careers They Adore

These Entrepreneurs Turned Their Love of Dogs Into Careers They Adore

Category: Inspire
The Craft Ruff Puppies collars exhibit a very of-the-moment, handcrafted aesthetic that speaks to the co-founders’ passion and commitment to their craft, responsible business practices, and community. more

Preparing Your Dog for a Baby's Arrival: How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Baby

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During a routine email exchange with my mom last month, six weeks before the due date of my first baby, the wise words of my dog training mentor rang loud and clear for the first time. Ian Dunbar had warned me: “Family and friends rarely see you as a real expert in your field when it comes to their personal lives—so don’t expect them to, and try not to take it personally.” more
The Best Exercise For Your Dog’s Breed

The Best Exercise For Your Dog’s Breed

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Most breeds were bred to do something specific, be it ferret out critters (the Dachshund, for one), round up sheep (most famously, the Border Collie) or retrieve fallen birds (retrievers of all ilk). Fulfill your dog’s instinctual breed-based needs to satisfy an ingrained desire to perform certain behaviours by trying out one of the activities below. High-energy dogs in particular will benefit by engaging in exercises that fulfill the needs of their breed.   more
Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart, Change a Life!

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Want to change the world? Start by saving a life. Adopt the dogs featured on this page (along with other select dogs and cats over six months old) for FREE from Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah! Don't live near the Sanctuary? No problem! The dogs and cats eligible for this promotion can fly home to you for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada! Email for more information or to set up an adoption appointment.   Ted |  English Pointer more


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