Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Category: Inspire
Modern Dog Editor Jennifer Nosek had her beloved dog Esther's ashes turned into a diamond. (You can read the full story here.) Heart in Diamond creates beautiful gem-grade diamonds from your dog’s ashes or fur so you can carry your dog with you wherever you go. Here's how it works.  more

Staffy Adopts & Raises Baby Magpie as Her Own

Category: Dog Life
Everyone knows opposites attract, but two entirely different species? Not so much. In the case of Molly the Magpie and Peggy the Staffordshire Bull terrier, however, the two animals have formed an inseparable mother-daughter bond. more
DIY Craft: Rescue Proud

DIY Craft: Rescue Proud

Category: Dog Life
Did you rescue your dog—or did she rescue you? Show your rescue pride with a DIY t-shirt for you and matching bandana for your pup! We’ve created some adorable dog-friendly templates—just download and iron onto a bandana or t-shirt for a super cute (and super easy!) pet project. What You'll Need: more
Summer Fun

Summer Fun!

Category: Dog Life
Got a bad case of fetch-elbow? Give your arm a break and your dog a good time with the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher ($140). This awesome fetch machine lets you set the speed and distance of the balls so all you have to do is watch! Now available in Junior for smaller breeds.   more
Rescue Relay Teaser

The Amazing Rescue Relay

Category: Travel
When I found myself smitten with Bodie, an Australian Shepherd cross available for adoption on, I was downcast to learn that Heartstrings Animal Advocates (HAA), the rescue organization that had him in their foster care program, was in Kansas, over 1,500 miles away from my northern Nevada home. Since many rescues only adopt pets to homes within a small local radius, I figured I didn't have a chance of getting Bodie. more


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