Is the Rottweiler or the Black & Tan Coonhound Right for You?

Is the Rottweiler or the Black & Tan Coonhound Right for You?

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The Rottweiler The Watchman Those Rottweiler eyes. Big, dark, expressive. Watchful. Taking everything in. Protecting hearth and home. more
hero dog

Modern Dog is going to the American Humane Hero Dog Awards!

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The Modern Dog team is heading out to LA today for the annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards Gala and we couldn't be more excited! Dogs do so much for us. So much in fact, that they are hailed as heroes the world over and on September 29, American Humane will honour some of the year's most courageous canines at a star-studded Hero Dog Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. more

This FBI Member Has Four Legs

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Dogs have evolved by our side for over 30,000 years and have earned the title of “best friends.” They’ve learned to read our moods, and know how to calm us down, says Kerri Rodriguez, graduate researcher at Purdue University’s Centre for the Human-Animal Bond. more

What's the Difference Between Raw, Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, and Air Dried Dog Food, Anyway?

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Raw dog food more
Why Does my Dog Stare at Me

Why Does my Dog Stare at Me?

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I was mentoring a student dog trainer. One day, she approached me and complained, “I’m having a problem with my dog trying to dominate me.” “What makes you think your dog is trying to dominate you?” I asked. “She stares at me every time I eat potato chips! She’s trying to dominate me into giving her potato chips.”  more


Dog of the Week!

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