Flower Power

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Here at Modern Dog, we’re BIG fans of the bully breeds. more
Pet Talk: Rabies Prevention

Pet Talk: Rabies Prevention

Category: Health
Although the rabies virus is commonly known for causing a life-threatening disease, many people are unaware of what exactly it entails and how to prevent its transmission. In honor of World Rabies Day on Sept. 28, here is some information to help further raise awareness about rabies and how to help protect your family and pets from this deadly disease. more

Dog Saves 18-Year-Old From Rattlesnake: "My heart just dropped"

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Alex Loredo was just doing chores when he had the scare of his life. The 18 year old was headed to the separate laundry room to pick up the clothes from the dryer when he heard a familiar, frightening sound. A rattlesnake lay waiting beneath a table, aiming to strike. more
Look What We Found

Look What We Found

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Homemade Dog Treats

Easy Homemade Dog Treats!

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Your dog deserves homemade dog treats this DOGust. Just like us, your pup likes to have a variety of food in their diets. Eating the same food day after day can get boring. So why not spice things up these awesome homemade dog treats recipes? Wheat-Free Roasted Sweet Potato Dog Treats more


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