A Natural Cure for Pain, Anxiety, Seizures, and More?

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Jennifer McNamee still remembers that chilling phone call from her youngest daughter on September 5 of last year. Home alone, 12-year-old Gracyn found the family’s three-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, Boomer, “on the ground and foaming at the mouth.” more

Extreme Makeover: Canine Edition

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  In her viral photo series Hairy: Dogs Before and After Their Haircuts, Los Angeles-based photographer Grace Chon brings the cute and then some! The crazy-adorable series, a collaboration with the groomers at Healthy Spot in L.A., captures shaggy dogs utterly transformed by the magic of Japanese dog grooming, which throws the rules of regular dog grooming out the window in order to make dogs look as super-cute as possible. The resulting photos prove their mission is an undoubted success—these are some of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen!  more

Camp Canine

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Alysa Slay loved going to “sleep-away camp” as a kid. She even worked as a staff member at an overnight camp once her days as a regular camper were over. “I am just a big camp person,” she chuckles. “There’s something about the environment that’s so special, where you can try things you don’t normally get to do at home. There’s also the aspect of making friends and memories that last a lifetime—what’s not to love?” more
How-to Talk to Animals

How-to Talk to Animals

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When I was a kid I loved the television show Mr. Ed. It was a show about a horse that could talk. I loved horses and I really loved that Mr. Ed could speak his mind. I also felt a little jealous because I knew I could hear Mr. Ed better than Wilbur. I watched that show every week. I was glued to the television set. Next, I saw the movie Doctor Dolittle and I was really jealous. Why was this man getting all this credit for talking with animals? It wasn’t that hard. To me it felt normal. I wanted my own show. more
Do We Crate Too Much

Do We Crate Too Much?

Category: Dog Training
Crates are a normal part of life for many North American dogs, often used during potty training and even through adulthood when guardians are at work. But did you know in some parts of Europe crating dogs in the home is actually illegal? more


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