Find Out Which Pet Insurance Is Right For You

Category: Health
When it comes to pet insurance, many pet owners aren't sure if they really need it.  more

A Hemp-Powered Solution to Your Dog’s Aches and Pains

Category: Health
Did you know hemp-derived cannabidiols, or CBDs as they are commonly called, can help ease suffering associated with age and illness, and even help with your dog’s behavioural issues? This natural solution to pain relief and better health is derived from hemp, a type of marijuana that can be legally grown—it produces less than 0.3% THC so it won’t get your pets high, and can be legally obtained. And the benefits are many, as an increasing number of people who have administered CBDs to their pets as an alternative to pharmaceuticals will attest. more

The Fun and Easy Way to Exercise Super-Energetic Dogs

Category: Dog Life
Do you have a can't-stop, won't-stop kind of canine? Some dogs only need a short, leisurely walk before they're pooped, while others seem to be powered by Everlast batteries! If your high-energy dog would like to be in a state of constant motion and you're running out of ways to tire him out, give biking together a try. more

Get Cozy! The Best Dog Beds & More For Snuggling Up This Winter

Category: Dog Life
Sleepypod ($190) is three-in-one perfection: it’s an everyday pet bed, a sleek and stylish carrier, and a safety-tested car seat. Ideal for dogs 15 pounds or less, the super-comfy interior offers the cozy retreat and personal security your pup deserves whether at home or travelling. more
Smell Power!

8 Fun Scent Games Your Dog Will Love

Category: Dog Training
Though newborn puppies are essentially blind at birth, their sense of smell is fully developed and active. It’s a dog’s most powerful sense and the one we humans overlook the most. While we focus on what things look like, our dogs’ attentions center on a smorgasbord of scents floating through the air: what the neighbours had for dinner; which raccoon walked through the yard the night before; if the retriever across the street just got a bath.   more


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