What to Do if You Encounter a Bear With Your Dog

Bear Attack
What to Do if You Encounter a Bear With Your Dog
Orvis, makers of great outdoor gear for people and dogs, outlines the following bear-safety tips.


If your off-leash dog charged a bear who decides to retaliate, your only recourse is bear spray. But assuming you're still in control of the dog and the situation has not escalated follow the tips below: 

1) If the bear has not seen you: Quietly and quickly leave the area, but never run--you'll look like prey. A bear can run faster than 30 mph--it will easily out-run, out-climb, and out-swim you.

2) If the bear has seen you: Keep your dog close and calm if the bear stays 15 feet or more away, avoiding sudden movements. Respect the bear's critical space, do not approach it, and try to turn and leave how you came. If you must continue, take a detour and give the bear plenty of space.

3) If the bear's behaviour changes: You're too close, so back away--give him all the room he wants. Speak: use a normal tone of voice and move your arms.

4) If you have an encounter at close range: Stand upright and make yourself as large as possible. Don't make direct eye contact--speak in a calm, assertive, and assuring tone as you attempt to slowly back up and get your dog and yourself out of danger.

5) If the bear moves toward you: Wave your arms and make a lot of noise--most bears will back off quickly. Throw an object on the ground (your camera, for example), as the bear may investigate it long enough for you to escape. But never toss food towards a bear or attempt to feed it.

6) Give the bear a way out: leave an escape route open for him.

7) If the bear charges: If you know the bear has an escape route AND you are sure it's a black bear, stand tall and look it directly in the eye: yell at the bear and tell it to leave—make sure your bear spray is at the ready. Never use this strategy with a grizzly bear; you will need to use your bear spray instead.

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Photo Courtesy of: Orvis.com 

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