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Vomiting and Dogs

Vomiting and Dogs: Understanding Different Colors and Knowing When to Seek Veterinary Care

Category: Health
It can be concerning when your dog throws up. Here, we explain when you should seek veterinary care. Vomiting is a common occurrence in dogs and can be indicative of various underlying health issues. As a responsible dog owner, it's crucial to understand the different colours of vomit and their potential implications. This comprehensive article explains the different colours of dog vomit, what they mean, and when it's necessary to seek veterinary care for vomiting. more
10 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

10 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

Category: Breeds
Looking for a canine companion with low to moderate exercise needs? These 10 breeds fit the bill! We asked AKC Executive Secretary and dog breed expert Gina DiNardo for the 10 “laziest” dog breeds. She complied but was sure to specify that “these aren’t lazy dogs. They just don’t need as much exercise as other breeds. Dog breeds have differing activity levels. Just because a breed has a lower activity level than another doesn’t mean they’re lazy—it means they require less exercise to meet their needs. more
Hero Dog

Hero Dog

Category: Inspire
The American Humane Hero Dog Awards’ mission is to search out and recognize heroic dogs who have truly gone above and beyond. It’s from among these remarkable canines, including guide dogs, PTSD service dogs, and search & rescue dogs, that one dog is named American Hero Dog. This year, that dog is Chi Chi, a therapy dog who took 2018’s top honour for her extraordinary bravery and good works. more

Can Dogs Tell Time?

Category: Dog Life
I awaken to a cold nose against my hand. It is my 14-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Dancer. Perhaps because of his age, he is more fixed in his daily routine than any of my other dogs. I glance at the alarm clock and mutter to him, “You’re an hour too early, old boy” before turning over to try to go back to sleep. more


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