Read Cathy Mayride's Heartfelt Goodbye To Her Beloved Dog

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Some months ago, I wrote a story for Modern Dog about my little dog, her early days, and her transition to old age. She survived illnesses and bounced back many times, amazing and mystifying me, and dazzling her little world with her resolve to stick around. She was entering her 18th year on Earth and people found it extraordinary that this old girl was still here, in spite of a few “touch and go” situations.  But she endured, and every day when the sun rose, she did too. more

Sleep Like a Dog In This Human-Sized Dog Bed

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One thing is certain: Dogs excel at napping, clocking up to 14 hours a day at rest. (18 to 20 hours if they are puppies or seniors.) It’s hard not to feel just a bit envious of your four-legged friend’s epic rest sessions. Now you don’t have to: a new company has designed cozy dog beds sized for humans. As in, you. more
Doggy Bathroom

The Doggy Bathroom: Revolutionizing How Pets Use Pee Pads

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When Alain Courchesne adopted an 11-week-old male Italian greyhound, Sterling O’Brien, he admitted he officially became a dog dad. Sterling was successfully trained to use pee pads as well as to go to the bathroom on outdoor walks. As Sterling outgrew the indoor pee pads however and learnt to lift his leg, this result in unfortunate accidental messes all over the floor (and himself). Courchesne said he could tell Sterling was struggling, and it broke his heart. more
Dog Gifts for Four-Legged Foodies

Dog Gifts for Four-Legged Foodies

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How To Make Your Dog Laugh (really)

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Do Dogs Smile? more


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