Meet the Havanese

Category: Breeds
Intelligent, outgoing, and funny, this beloved member of the Toy group is an adored family member for good reason—the Havanese is incredibly charming and great with both kids and other dogs. This extroverted small dog, known for its trademark silky coat and big brown eyes, is actually native to Cuba. Expect a social, playful, comic companion that will win the hearts of all he meets. Though small, the Havanese is sturdy—and smart. They excel at learning tricks and make surprisingly good watchdogs to boot! more
DIY Yogurt

DIY Eat: Why You Should Give Your Dog Yogurt

Category: Nutrition
Yogurt has a long, storied history, going all the way back to the Neolithic peoples of Central Asia, around 6000 BC, when herdsmen began milking their animals. Back then, storage containers were made from the stomachs of animals, and the milk naturally curdled and fermented, helped along by the natural enzymes found in the stomachs. more
How to Get Started Fostering Dogs

How to Get Started Fostering Dogs

Category: Inspire
I’ve adopted many dogs in my lifetime, dogs from shelters, from rescue groups, and once even from an acquaintance when it was evident that the puppy was failing to thrive and would likely die. The dogs have been big, small, and even toy. Their ages have ranged from newborn pup to senior dog. All had one thing in common though—I knew they were forever mine from the moment I wrapped my arms around them. But for the fosterers of rescue dogs, their loving arms and warm hearths are not forever, but just for now and because of that, many more dogs can be saved. more
Ticks on dogs

Ticks on Dogs Even in the Fall!

Category: Health
Are you worried about ticks on dogs? Do you live in an area with ticks? You are not out of the woods just yet. Most of us think of summertime as peak tick season, but ticks fall can be just as bad and your dog is at risk. more
Tips and Tricks for Energetic Dogs Teaser.

The Fix: How To Tire Out a High Energy Dog

Category: Dog Training
“My energetic dog is driving me crazy! How can I tire my dog out?” I often hear this from my clients when their young dogs hit adolescence. Your lovely puppy—the one who used to sleep through the night with a quick walk around the block twice in a day—has suddenly turned into an exercise-consuming monster! It can often feel like we just can’t tire our dogs out. If your couch cuddle buddy is racing around your living room like a Tasmanian Devil, here’s what to do: more


Dog of the Week!

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