New Year's Resolutions

9 New Year's Resolutions Inspired by Dogs

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1. Treat Yourself—Take some time give yourself something special.  Photographer Christian Vieler captures dogs going in for a treat—see more here!   more
Holiday Gift Guide

Modern Dog's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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One Heart, One Love

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We, like the rest of the world, are heart-sick and horrified by the events of the past week. If you’d like to help but don’t know where to start, this list put together by The Skimm is a great place to start. more
Bye Bye, Urine Burn!

Bye Bye, Urine Burn!

Category: Health
Filter your dog’s water and save your lawn from urine burn in the process! Dog Rocks, a natural product that comes straight from the ground, are placed in your dog’s water bowl to naturally filter out impurities such as tin, ammonia, and nitrates. Typically, these elements are carried out of your dog’s body through urine and it is these impurities that cause the unsightly brown patches on your grass. Dog Rocks prevent this. One small pack of Dog Rocks lasts for two whole months, which makes keeping your lawn happy and your dog’s water free of impurities a low maintenance affair. more

The Single Thing That’s Ruining Most of Your Dog Photos

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Get ready to wow your friends and family with super-cute dog pics! We up your photo taking game with five easy ways to greatly improve your photos more


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