Digging Problem Solved!

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Most dogs love to dig. It’s an instinctive behaviour. So, what do you do when you dig your dog, but aren’t so fond of his digging habit? To discourage your dog from digging holes in your lawn, excavating your flower bed, and tunneling through your tomatoes, consider creating a space in your yard designed specifically for digging. You’re much more likely to meet with success if you provide your dog with a dedicated digging spot rather than try and discourage the behaviour altogether. more
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What do you do when your dog has an ear infection?

Category: Health
In Partnership with Banixx Does Fido fixate on his itchy ears? Does he scratch and shake his head repeatedly? Have you noticed a foul odor, redness or swelling in the ears? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your dog may be suffering from an ear infection. more

Let It Snow!

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Cash submitted by Kathy Kleeberg Ocho submitted by Kim Fowler Vega submitted by Julia Morrow more
It’s A Dog’s Life

Disney Plus Debuts New Dog Series

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During the pandemic, many of us are spending just a bit more time than usual on the couch with our dogs. (Anyone else making their way back through series they failed to finish in 2015?)  If you and your dog are looking for something new to binge, Disney Plus, the subscription streaming platform with movie and TV titles from Disney and more, is here to keep you and your dog entertained as long as the quarantine lasts and beyond.  more
What I Learned From a Middle of the Night Visit to Animal Emergency

What I Learned From a Middle of the Night Visit to Animal Emergency

Category: Health
It was 3 A.M., the emergency vet staff were trying desperately to save my beautiful Malamute, Kodi, and the last thing I wanted to be thinking about was how I would possibly pay for it all. Still, when they told me that to call in a surgeon, perform an operation, and cover post-operative procedures would likely cost upward of $4,000, the money became a very real and distressing issue. more


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