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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

Category: Health
Halloween is a night of tricks and treats...and trouble for dogs. Many of us have heard that chocolate is dangerous for dogs.  While this is true, there’s more dangers to Halloween than what’s inside of your fun-sized candy bars. I am here to help you keep this fun night from becoming a horror movie for you and your dog. more

Get Your Dog In The Easter Spirit!

Category: Dog Life
We've found the very best in Easter goodies for your furry friend so the only hunting you need to do is for eggs! From clothes and collars to toys, tags, and treats, your pup will be pampered and prepared for Easter.                          more

Back-to-School Boredom Busters

Category: Dog Life
What does your dog love more, treats or playtime? With the Wobble Ball ($19), she doesn’t have to choose! Insert your dog’s favourite treats into this interactive toy’s cloud-shaped openings then watch as your dog works tirelessly to retrieve her well-deserved reward.  more

12 Ways To Make Your Dog Smarter & Happier

Category: Play
Worried your dog may be bored or not learning enough? Follow these tips to boost their mood and keep them engaged. Photo Life on White/ more
Poop Bags You Can Feel Good About!

Poop Bags You Can Feel Good About!

Category: NewsBite
We all know it’s important to pick up after our dogs. Un-scooped dog poop has been found to have a major impact on water contamination and the spread of bacteria into ground water supplies. Yuck, right? But what you use to pick up your dog’s poop is almost as important as scooping in the first place. If you use a regular plastic bag, that bag will outlive you. more


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