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Is your dog suddenly scratching like crazy, perhaps even keeping you up at night? If his scratching is bothering you, imagine how terrible your dog must feel! If your dog is incessantly scratching, biting, and licking, perhaps even wounding himself in the process, you have a problem on your hands—and you’re not alone. The second most common reason for vet visits is skin problems (#1 is gastric/diarrhea issues). more

How To Teach Your Dog To Read (Yes, Really)

Category: Dog Training
Imagine a guide dog for the visually impaired who, when his owner says,“Find the exit,” immediately moves to the closest door that provides a way out. more
Summer Fun Activities for Dogs

17 Ideas For Summer Fun

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Isn’t It A Pitty?

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Though often used as a breed descriptor, “Pit Bull” is not, in fact, a recognized breed. Rather, it’s a catch-all for “bully breed” types of dogs, often mixes, known for their trademark broad heads, stocky and muscular build, and wide smiles. Sadly, the name “Pit Bull” often conjures negative associations, even though these dogs are, by and large, extremely people-friendly. Get to know these four pedigreed breeds often lumped together as Pit Bulls.   more
The Making of Viral Pet Photos

The Making of Viral Pet Photos

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Pete Thorne sort of fell into photographing pets. “I’ve always loved dogs and really wanted one of my own one day,” he recollects. “But I was living in a small apartment and had roommates, so the time wasn’t right.” What he did have was a small studio. He needed small subjects. more


Dog of the Week!

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