Teach Your Dog the Magic “Touch”

Category: Dog Training
Most dog owners understand why it’s important to teach basic behaviours such as sit, lie down, stay, and come. But when it’s suggested to teach a dog touch—otherwise known as targeting—they often look confused. Let me explain. “Touch” is a verbal cue that means you would like your dog to touch something with a part of his body. The most common form of targeting is for a dog to touch his nose to a person’s hand. Why, you might ask, would anyone want to teach that? more
A Custom Diet For Your Dog

A Custom Diet For Your Dog

Category: Nutrition
How cool is this? You can now order up wholesome, fresh, natural, & organic dog food, customized to your dog's specific needs. more
Happiness Boosters

8 Proven Happiness Boosters

Category: Inspire
#1 Get out in nature with your dog. Spending just five minutes in nature can quickly improve your mood—even if it’s just five minutes spent sitting in an urban park, researchers from the University of Regina found after conducting two studies. more

Anxiety Busters

Category: Health
Photo OlgaNik/ 1. A dog camera or activity monitor more
Iceland Pure

Pure Passion

Category: Dog Life
Guillermo Goni is straight up about how he started Iceland Pure, a company dedicated to providing high quality fish oil for pets. And it wasn't some divine lightning bolt of inspiration.   "It was a pure coincidence; a chance meeting," he laughs, adding, "I didn't have any experience with pet products, and I knew nothing about industry regulations at the time." Guillermo might call it coincidence. Others might call it fate. more


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