Star Dog Winner: Ruckus and...

Star Dog Winner: Ruckus and...

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It all came down to a proverbial olive branch. During our last Star Dog contest something magical happened: the teams behind our two top dogs—Ruckus, a cancer-surviving Vizsla, and Starbuck, a Pit Bull who lost her leg when she was thrown from a moving vehicle at just three months of age—decided, instead of battling for the win, to support each other, not only offering words of encouragement but even financial support for the other’s animal-welfare-related causes. (If only the same could happen in politics!) more
Going Public

Going Public

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Adopt-a-dog events in unexpected venues—hotels, coffee shops—are not only a smash hit, they’re incredibly successful in finding forever homes for homeless pups.   more

DIY Eat: Hide that pill!

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Rescue Caravan

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The devotion, the kindred spirits, the Southern hospitality, the PUPPIES! Looking for an experience of a lifetime? Join Animal Aid USA’s mission to help Georgian rescue dogs more
Canine Faux Pas:

Canine Faux Pas: The Top 5 Things Dog-People Do Wrong

Category: Dog Training
Are you guilty of making these mistakes with your dog? We asked Mikkel Becker, a certified trainer and behaviour consultant and head trainer for Fear Free Pets ( and for the top five mistakes she sees dog-people make. She happily shared her nix list. more