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Dog toys everywhere? You need this adorable basket. Dogs love to play but aren’t great at keeping things organized! The Midlee cotton rope Pet Toy Storage Basket is a stylish way to keep toys out from under foot. ($30,   more
Baby Talk to Your Dog

Chances Are You Baby-Talk to Your Dog... But Does He Care?

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When I walked into the room I heard a woman speaking to someone. She was saying "You are so adorable! Yes you are! You are. You are so sweet that you make sugar seem sour. Don't you? Don't you?" She had pitched her voice quite high and was delivering the words in a melodious rhythm. Before I even turned to look at her, I knew that she was speaking to either a baby or a dog. When I did look in her direction I saw that she was holding a cream-coloured Pomeranian to whom this outpouring of affection was directed. more

How A Rescued Pit Bull Saved Laura Morgillo's Life

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Thanks to our amazing Star Dog Contest sponsor Adaptil! more
dog climbing stairs

Stair Masters

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I was booked to do a live segment for my local television news station on dog training. As usual, I brought one of my dogs along. This time it was my black Labrador Retriever Logan’s turn. We arrived at the station and the producer met us in the lobby.  “I’m so sorry, our elevator is broken. We’ll have to take the stairs,” she said. more
China Reclassifies Dogs as Pets

China Reclassifies Dogs as Pets Not Livestock

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In the wake of COVID-19, there has been a lot of discussion around when will things go back to normal and if what we consider “normal” will change. The good news is that some of those changes may be good ones, especially for dogs.  more


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