CBD and dogs

CBD and Dogs

Category: Health
CBD and Dogs, what you should know! Shortly after Kylee Ryan adopted her six-month-old puppy, Rollo, the Blue Heeler/Pit Bull/Lab cross started showing signs that something wasn’t right.  more
The German Shepherd VS The Belgian Malinois

Commonly Confused Breeds: The German Shepherd VS The Belgian Malinois

Category: Breeds
Can you tell the difference between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois? These lookalike breeds are easy to confuse. more

Saving Senior Dogs: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to the rescue!

Category: Dog Life
In many animal shelters across North America, dogs over seven years old are deemed “unadoptable”.  Continually passed over for puppies and their younger counterparts, senior dogs spend significantly more time waiting for their furever homes in loud, cold shelter kennels or worse – are euthanized there with the assumption that there isn’t much chance of their being chosen for adoption. more

Secret Dog Menus

Category: Dog Life
 Off-menu combos and limited-time additions (think the Starbucks’ brightly coloured Unicorn Frappuccino craze) have been taking the restaurant world by storm lately. But did you know that some spots have yummy, unpublicized treats just for four-legged patrons? Just think of the fun—and the photo ops just made for Instagram sharing!   more
GPE 2022 Teaser

Are You Ready For Global Pet Expo 2022?

Category: NewsBite
It’s here! The annual event all pet retailers and distributors look forward to is live and in-person March 23-25 in Orlando, Florida! more


Dog of the Week!

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