Lessons From Your Dog

Lessons From Your Dog

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dog breeds that like water

Splash! 9 Water-Loving Dog Breeds

Category: Breeds
Looking for an enthusiastic Dock Dog partner or a pup that would like nothing more than to join you at the dog beach? Gina DiNardo, American Kennel Club Executive Secretary and expert on all things breed related, gives us her shortlist of the dogs that just can't get enough of the water! 9 Water-Loving Dog Breeds   more

Soft Rock To Reggae—Dogs Shown To Have Musical Taste

Category: Dog Life
I dropped by the office of a colleague of mine to pick up a book that she wanted me to read. Her office was different than most others in the university since she had an antique oak desk instead of the more modern university issue, and she insisted on soft tungsten lighting instead of using the built-in florescent light fixtures. However, the most distinctive thing about her office was the fact that music was continually playing at a low volume from two compact speakers on her bookshelf. more

Can Dogs Be Right or Left-Pawed?

Category: Dog Life
Just like people, dogs have a dominant paw. To determine which is your dog’s preferred paw, simply observe him for a while. Wait for your dog to paw at you, scratch the door, shake a hand, or retrieve at a toy from under the couch, and a preference should emerge. more

50 Shades of Brown: A Comprehensive Guide to Dog Poop

Category: Health
Let’s Talk Poop It may not make for good conversation around the dinner table, but knowing about dog poop is an important way to keep your pup healthy. An obvious indicator of your dog’s overall health, poop packs important information. more


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