New Treatment For Canine Arthritis

Category: Dog Life
Does your dog have early onset osteoarthritis? Or tissue-related injuries like corneal ulcers, tendon and ligament injuries, joint issues, or superficial wounds? If so, there’s a very cool new regenerative treatment that can help! Biotech company AniCell, which spent years working on acellular regenerative therapy with horses, has now launched a product for dogs. CanisCell uses amniotic components to stimulate the body’s own restoration capabilities to regrow healthy tissue and bone. more
Dog Personality

Does a Dog's Personality Change Over Time?

Category: Dog Training
Curious If Your Dog's Personality Has Changed? more

DIY Eat: Delicious Dog Food Toppers

Category: Nutrition
Easy To Make Dog Food Toppers for Your Pet! Is your dog a picky eater? Are you trying to encourage an under-the-weather dog to eat more? Or are you interested in homemade dog food but not quite ready to make all your dog’s meals? These simple and healthy meal dog food toppers are nutrient packed, a cinch to make, and will have your dog diving into her dinner.     more
Adoptable Dog Cutouts

Adoptable Dog Cutouts Fill The Stands At Soccer Games!

Category: NewsBite
As sporting events resume, teams and stadiums have faced a unique challenge: how to fill the stands as fans watch from the safety of their homes. Our favourite of the inventive stand-fillers, which have included cardboard cutouts of fans, mannequins, and videos of supporters watching from their living rooms, comes from the Philadelphia Union soccer team, part of the Major League Soccer organization. more

To the Rescue: The Dogs of Sea Tow

Category: Dog Life
Picture this: you’re on the water and encounter a problem. You’ve run aground or perhaps you’re out of fuel. The waves are getting larger. And then—help approaches. Who loves their job? These dogs do! more


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