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What Can I Give My Dog for Pain Relief? Best Natural Remedies

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Featured photo Khakimullin Aleksandr/ In Partnership with Buzz PR   People usually come to a veterinarian asking “what can I give my dog for pain?” Most searches with Google lead to websites with all sorts of painkillers claiming to bring relief to your pup’s discomfort. more

Look What We Found!—Fall 2017

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Beyond Borders

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Borders frequently feel like archaic distinctions, but never more so than when the welfare of animals is at stake. Animals don't care about nationalities or geography—they just want homes. NOBARS, or No Borders Animal Rescue Society, feels the same way. Their mission is to rescue stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered animals—regardless of where they come from. NOBARS' specialty is to help save dogs facing life-threatening circumstances and uncertain futures in Mexico and then bring them to Canada. more
Could a Change in Diet Cure Your Dog’s Cancer?

Could a Change in Diet Cure Your Dog’s Cancer?

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In an unassuming gated compound in Georgetown, Texas, something amazing is taking place. KetoPet Sanctuary is taking in shelter dogs with incurable, terminal cancer—dogs with no other options who would otherwise be euthanized—and giving them a second chance, providing them with state of the art cancer treatment to miraculous result.  more

5 Signs Your Dog Is Bored

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Life can’t be one long dog park visit, but does your dog understand that? Probably not. The reality is that many dogs stay at home while their people are at work during the day. Rather than whine around the house complaining there’s nothing to do, your home-alone dog may be stirring up trouble. more


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