Let It Snow!

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Tips and Tricks for Energetic Dogs Teaser.

The Fix: How To Tire Out a High Energy Dog

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“My energetic dog is driving me crazy! How can I tire my dog out?” I often hear this from my clients when their young dogs hit adolescence. Your lovely puppy—the one who used to sleep through the night with a quick walk around the block twice in a day—has suddenly turned into an exercise-consuming monster! It can often feel like we just can’t tire our dogs out. If your couch cuddle buddy is racing around your living room like a Tasmanian Devil, here’s what to do: more

At-Home Grooming Tips and Tricks to Get Your Pet Holiday Ready

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The approaching holidays are a great chance to bond with your pets. However, with the holidays comes that last minute grooming to get your pet holiday (and camera) ready. A great solution is at-home grooming – it is not only affordable, but also allows for some extra bonding with your pet! You are able to give them some extra love and care in the comfort of their own home. more

10 Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

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1. Apple Many a dog loves apple. Crunchy and sweet, apples are a source of vitamins A and C and fibre. Apple seeds, however, contain cyanide so your dog should not be allowed to eat the core. If your dog has consumed an apple core, seeds and all, don’t worry; a few seeds won’t hurt but overtime could cause deleterious effects so don’t let your dog get in the habit of crunching down your apple core. more
Is Your Dog Stressed or Depressed?

Is Your Dog Stressed or Depressed?

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A hundred years ago, most dogs herded, hunted, guarded, ratted or tracked much of the day, then ate scraps for dinner before retiring for the evening, sleeping either outside or in a cold kennel with other dogs. They rarely saw the veterinarian and often didn’t even see the inside of a home. Life was utilitarian; they had jobs, and any affection or leisure time came as payback for a job well done. more


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