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DIY Eat - Haylie Duff's Baked Dog Treats

Category: Dog Life
Haylie Duff's passion for dogs is no secret, nor is her love of cooking. She created this recipe for baked dog treats to spoil her beloved dog Chicken, who goes nuts for these delightful treats. You can find this recipe and many more in The Real Girl's Cookbook by Haylie, herself.  INGREDIENTS more

DIY Craft: Make a Flower Crown for Your Dog

Category: Dog Life
From Coachella to bohemian weddings, the flower crown trend rolls on, likely because it's so darn fun and pretty. With this DIY, your dog can now get in on the action. Follow the steps below to make your dog a flower crown in just four easy steps!  Materials more

Rescue Caravan

Category: Inspire
The devotion, the kindred spirits, the Southern hospitality, the PUPPIES! Looking for an experience of a lifetime? Join Animal Aid USA’s mission to help Georgian rescue dogs more

All the Reasons Your Dog Barks

Category: Dog Training
I recently saw two German Shepherds at a dog park who were running the fence with two little terriers who were on the other side. Then I noticed that the Shepherds were both wearing shock collars. When I politely asked their owner why, she replied, “Because they bark when they run, and it bothers people.” Talk about shock—I was flabbergasted. Dogs bark; that’s what they do. Expecting a dog not to bark while he’s playing is tantamount to expecting young children to keep quiet while they’re racing around with their friends: it just ain’t gonna happen! more
Pet Talk: Household Toxicities

Pet Talk: Household Toxicities

Category: Health
Although we may be extra-cautious when using household cleaners, automotive products, or pest control products in our homes and gardens, it may come as a surprise that the tasty morsel we just dropped while preparing dinner could endanger our best friend. more


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