Is Your Disobedient, “Untrainable” Dog Actually A Super-Smart Evil Genius?

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When Dr. Sophia Yin, a pioneer in force-free positive-reward-based training, passed away in 2014, the world lost a tremendous advocate for the humane treatment of animals. Her legacy lives on, however, not only in training, behaviour, and veterinary communities, but through the many lives she touched by helping people better understand animal behaviour. A core group of her dedicated employees stayed on after her passing to manage the company and continue her work, and it remains an invaluable resource. more
The Download: Addictive New App For Animal Lovers

The Download: Addictive New App For Animal Lovers

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Forget Facebook’s fake news and stream of updates on other people’s kids—we’re here for the pet pics! more

Know Your Terriers

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The Rat Terrier more

Give Your Dog These Treats: Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Pack a Real Taste And Nutrient-Filled Punch!

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In Partnership with PureBites Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to know your dogs are getting the healthiest treats possible without worrying about the fillers, overly processed ingredients, or possible allergens? Freeze drying is not a new concept, as it has been used for decades in human food, however, in the pet industry its popularity has only recently gained the attention it deserves. The Benefits of Freeze Drying more
Dogtor Loki

Therapy Dog Delivers "Hero Healing Kits" to Hospital Workers

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It’s not just people that are feeling the strain of being out of work. Therapy dogs, whose weeks often include visits to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, have their regularly scheduled visits on hold due to COVID-19. Dogtor Loki, a 2-year-old Rottweiler at the University of Maryland Medical Center, is one such dog. Before COVID-19, Dogtor Loki visited patients at the Baltimore hospital multiple times a week with his medical student mom, Caroline Benzel.   more


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