We're In Love With These Too-cute Patches!

Category: Dog Life
Combining a love of dogs and clever sayings into succinct and witty iron-on patches is self-professed “Pomeranian enthusiast” Kristen Lourie. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based artist and graphic designer designs the humourous and super-cute embroidered patches in her spare time, using her “baby potato dog” Gomez Napoleon for inspiration. more
Spotify Will Generate a Playlist For Your Dog!

Spotify Will Generate a Playlist For Your Dog!

Category: NewsBite
Do you play music for your dog? The music streaming service Spotify just released a way to create an algorithmically generated playlist to enjoy with your dog—or cat, iguana, hamster or bird.  more
Give those paws some TLC!

Pet Talk: Protecting Your Dog’s Paws

Category: Health
As humans, we know the important role our hands and feet play in completing normal, daily activities. When any kind of injury affects the use of our hands and feet, we may find it very difficult to go about our regular routine. Just as humans depend on their limbs to complete daily activities, Fido’s paws are just as important to him. Running in the backyard, digging a hole for his bone and going for a walk in the park are all endeavors Fido would struggle with if he did not have healthy paws. more

Give Your Dog These Treats: Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Pack a Real Taste And Nutrient-Filled Punch!

Category: Nutrition
In Partnership with PureBites Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to know your dogs are getting the healthiest treats possible without worrying about the fillers, overly processed ingredients, or possible allergens? Freeze drying is not a new concept, as it has been used for decades in human food, however, in the pet industry its popularity has only recently gained the attention it deserves. The Benefits of Freeze Drying more
Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile

Stay at this Hotel & Have a Sleepover with Sanctuary Animals!

Category: Dog Life
Hospitality with a capital H: That’s what the Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile offers to pet lovers around the country. If you enjoy red rock canyons and quality time with animals, put Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in beautiful southern Utah at the top of your travel list. The Sanctuary — the heart of Best Friends Animal Society’s nationwide lifesaving work — is home to hundreds of dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and horses, as well as pigs and other barnyard animals. more


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