How Dogs Grieve

How Dogs Grieve

Category: Dog Life
Ethel the Chihuahua was dying. She’d suffered from an autoimmune disorder, which had been controlled by medication, for years. But the medication had stopped working, and the vet told Ethel’s owner, Alison Lee Carruthers, that there was nothing left to do. “My heart was broken,” Alison remembers. In 2013, the New York City fashion merchandiser made the decision to euthanize her beloved pet and long-time companion.  more
Road to Westminster

The Road to Westminster a Tale of Two Dog Handlers

Category: Dog Training
For first-time Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show handler Barbara Fleischmann, there are a million unknowns about stepping into the ring at Madison Square Garden. But there’s one thing she knows for certain: What she will be wearing.  more
essential oils

Essential Oils For Dogs

Category: Health
Essential oils are increasingly of interest to those in search of a non-pharmaceutical approach to health and wellness for themselves and their dogs, but aromatherapy has actually been used for centuries. The use of essential oils can be traced back nearly 5000 years in both India and Egypt. Essential oils are volatile, concentrated substances that come from a plant’s leaves, flowers, bark, roots, seeds, or fruit. They are typically collected by means of distillation or cold-pressing.  more

Behind The Scenes!

Category: Celeb
Ever wonder who actress and model Kate Upton’s #1 man is? It’s her beautiful Boxer Harley! Kate and Harley recently showcased their special bond in an adorable six-part video series for the new Link AKC smart collar. more

The Beauty Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Category: Dog Life
Beasley the Beagle is a gentle and sensitive spirit. Rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri, it took time, love, and patience to coax the timid girl out of her shell. But the effort this took has been repaid thrice over: “Beasley has never met a dog or person that she doesn’t love. Even neighbours' cats come over to snuggle up,” says Beasley’s adopter Rhonda Zabinsky. So when Zabinsky recently learned that thousands of Beagles just like Beasley are being held in laboratories and used in animal testing across the world, she was horrified. more


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