Veterinary Detective

Veterinary Detective

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Doggy Décor—Fall 2017

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{Great for senior dogs!} The Blissful Breeze orthopedic bed from BuddyRest (from $200) is made with the highest quality durable memory foam, helping support joint health and mobility by reducing aches and pains. Plus, the cover is not only fashionable, but doesn’t hold smells and barely needs washing—win, win! more

An Afterlife For Animals?

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Results from the first study to systematically explore beliefs about animal afterlife were recently published in the journal Anthrozoös. The study, which surveyed 800 U.S. participants, found that 45 percent of pet owners believed in animal afterlife (compared to only 37.8 percent of non-pet owners). 59 percent of participants reported a belief in human afterlife and, of that 59 percent, 75 percent believed in animal afterlife as well. more
Dogs That Play Too Rough

Dogs That Play Too Rough

Category: Dog Training
Q: How can I get my dog to play nice? He gets over-excited and plays too rough with other dogs at the dog park. He also tries to play with dogs that obviously aren't into it. (He hasn't hurt any of his playmates but it scares their owners.) How can I help him dial down the intensity of his play? more

Style At Home

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Dog toys everywhere? You need this adorable basket. Dogs love to play but aren’t great at keeping things organized! The Midlee cotton rope Pet Toy Storage Basket is a stylish way to keep toys out from under foot. ($30,   more


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