DIY Craft: Travel Blanket

DIY Craft: Travel Blanket

Category: Inspire
This lightweight blanket takes up as little space as possible and can be folded flat to fit into your luggage or rolled up in your handbag or pet carrier. The blanket pictured is 100 percent cotton in a floral print with a soft, comfy fleece for the backing. A printed cotton fabric contrasts well with a plain, cushioned backing fabric like fleece, but you can use any washable fabric of your choice. more
Do We Crate Too Much

Do We Crate Too Much?

Category: Dog Training
Crates are a normal part of life for many North American dogs, often used during potty training and even through adulthood when guardians are at work. But did you know in some parts of Europe crating dogs in the home is actually illegal? more
The German Shepherd VS The Belgian Malinois

Commonly Confused Breeds: The German Shepherd VS The Belgian Malinois

Category: Breeds
Is that a small German Shepherd? Even GSD lovers may need to take a second glance to tell the Belgian Malinois from the German Shepherd. The two breeds look incredibly similar in style, size, and colouring and both are frequently used for police and military work. The Secret Service formerly used the Malinois exclusively though their current program now includes other breeds. more
Iceland Pure

Pure Passion

Category: Dog Life
Guillermo Goni is straight up about how he started Iceland Pure, a company dedicated to providing high quality fish oil for pets. And it wasn't some divine lightning bolt of inspiration.   "It was a pure coincidence; a chance meeting," he laughs, adding, "I didn't have any experience with pet products, and I knew nothing about industry regulations at the time." Guillermo might call it coincidence. Others might call it fate. more
These Entrepreneurs Turned Their Love of Dogs Into Careers They Adore

These Entrepreneurs Turned Their Love of Dogs Into Careers They Adore

Category: Inspire
The Craft Ruff Puppies collars exhibit a very of-the-moment, handcrafted aesthetic that speaks to the co-founders’ passion and commitment to their craft, responsible business practices, and community. more