What's My Dog's Summer Personality Type?

What's My Dog's Summer Personality Type?

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Take this quiz to see what type of summer adventures best suit your dog, then turn the page to see must-have products tailored to your dog’s personality type!   1.  What type of toy does your dog most respond to? A  Anything to play tug with! B  Sticks! We can play fetch forever. C  Anything that floats! D  Not into toys—he likes lounging!   more
12 days of Dogmas

The 12 days of Dogmas 2016

Category: Dog Life
12 Days Of Dogmas: Day 1 more
Just for Dogs

New Product Hides Your Dog's Embarrassing Grey Hairs

Category: Dog Life
  April 1, 2016 Tired of looking at your dog's greying facial hair? When your young-at-heart pooch starts to show his age, turn to Just for Dogs Moustache & Beard Brush-In Colour Gel! This innovative product gets rid of grey in only 5 minutes! Available for blondes, brunettes, and black-haired dogs, this miracle product offers your dog that much desired youthful lustre. Isn't it time you brought out the best in your dog's facial hair? more
Does Your Dog Need a Behavioural Chill Pill?

Does Your Dog Need a Behavioural Chill Pill?

Category: Dog Training
Is your dog overly exuberant during play? Does he turn into a non-stop jumping bean when you come home? Could you sometimes swear that he’s learned to levitate? If so, your dog may be suffering from ODS: Over-exuberant Dog Syndrome. Okay, I’m kidding about it being an actual syndrome but for owners it certainly can seem like a serious affliction. Let’s talk about what might cause this all-too-common condition and what you can do to get a handle on it. more
hero dog

Modern Dog is going to the American Humane Hero Dog Awards!

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The Modern Dog team is heading out to LA today for the annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards Gala and we couldn't be more excited! Dogs do so much for us. So much in fact, that they are hailed as heroes the world over and on September 29, American Humane will honour some of the year's most courageous canines at a star-studded Hero Dog Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. more


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