Cone of Fame

Category: Dog Life
Is there anything more embarrassing for a dog than the dreaded “cone of shame?” We might be projecting, but it certainly seems like they feel not only silly but slightly mortified. And if you’re a dog in a shelter recovering from a spay or neuter, well, you can just forget about finding your furever home while sporting one of those plastic monstrosities. more
The Fluffy Stuff—Our Cover Dog Rocco

Meet Our Cover Dog Rocco

Category: Dog Life
29-year-old Chicago-based art school student Erin Einbender and her Old English Sheepdog Rocco are winning hearts on Instagram one super-fluffy photo at a time! more

Life Is What You Make It

Category: Inspire
Here’s the essential thing that distinguishes one person’s life experiences from another’s: attitude. If, in our darkest moments, we can look past ourselves and our current challenges and, despite hardship, still choose to move forward and try to focus on something other than ourselves, amazing things can happen. more

Eat Well, Do Good

Category: Dog Life
How cool is this? These irresistibly delicious, all-natural dog treats are great for your dog AND the environment. Protein-packed and omega-3-rich, these dog snacks are made from Asian Carp, a super-healthy but too-plentiful invasive fish species that threatens North American waterways, particularly in the Mid-West. more
5 Ways to Make it Up to Your Home-Alone Dog

5 Ways to Make it Up to Your Home-Alone Dog

Category: Dog Life
You work, so you need to leave your dog home alone all day. When you come home, between the chores, paying the bills, and family, you still have a ton of things to do. Sometimes it can feel like poor Fido comes last. Here are five fun ways to make it up to your dog.   1. Did someone say car ride? more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Teddy