How to Care for Your Dog as it Ages

How to Care for Your Aging Dog

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Pets are more than just our companions—they are a part of the family. As your pet ages, it is important to consult your veterinarian for help providing the proper care for your senior pet’s changing needs. more

How to Remove a Tick in 5 Steps

Category: Dog Life
Step 1:  Hold your dog still, part the fur, and take a close look. You want to make sure what you're looking at is actually a tick! Well meaning dog owners have tried to remove warts, skin tags, cysts, and even nipples thinking they were ticks. Needless to say, this does not go over well with the dog. Ticks are usually a grey or tan-brown colour. Look from the side and see if you can see legs where the tick attaches to your dog's body. more
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Best CBD Oil for Dogs 2022 – Inflammation, Anxiety & Seizure

Category: Health
In partnership with Honest Paws   You may have already tried using CBD products before and you found them quite good for your health. Just as CBD oil tincture can be good for you, it can be the same for pets too. We will focus more on the dog at this time. So far, you will need the best CBD oil for dogs for ensuring the product is high quality and can help the pet get better.  more

How Much Do We Love Our Dogs? Let Us Count the Ways…

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A recent survey of 1,014 American pet parents, undertaken by, found most willing to put their beloved pets unequivocally first.   83%  would work a second job to pay for their pet’s health care.     more

How to be the Worst Dog Mom in the World

Category: Dog Life
Where’s Monty?” asked my husband, looking around our new apartment. “He’s out with his new friends,” I said. “Ahh,” he replied. “And how’s that going?” “Well, in the beginning there was much butt sniffing and ball stealing,” I said. “But now everyone seems to be getting along great!” more


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