New Treatment For Canine Arthritis

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Does your dog have early onset osteoarthritis? Or tissue-related injuries like corneal ulcers, tendon and ligament injuries, joint issues, or superficial wounds? If so, there’s a very cool new regenerative treatment that can help! Biotech company AniCell, which spent years working on acellular regenerative therapy with horses, has now launched a product for dogs. CanisCell uses amniotic components to stimulate the body’s own restoration capabilities to regrow healthy tissue and bone. more
Misunderstanding Dog Behaviours

4 Commonly Misread Dog Behaviours Explained!

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Often Misinterpreted Dog Behaviours Explained Most savvy dog owners are fairly adept at reading canine body language and correctly interpreting vocalizations. But still, there can sometimes be confusion when it comes to certain signals and behaviours. The four that follow are the most frequently misunderstood and therefore often misinterpreted.   more
Dogs Can Read That Smile On Your Face

Dogs Can Read That Smile On Your Face

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When you and I look at a photograph of a human face, we can easily recognize the emotional state of the person pictured by their expression alone. Fascinatingly, it turns out, dogs can do the same. more

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Children & Dogs

Dogs and Children: Healthier in Homes With Dogs

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