DIY Eat: Hide that pill!

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Preparing Your Dog for a Baby's Arrival: How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Baby

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During a routine email exchange with my mom last month, six weeks before the due date of my first baby, the wise words of my dog training mentor rang loud and clear for the first time. Ian Dunbar had warned me: “Family and friends rarely see you as a real expert in your field when it comes to their personal lives—so don’t expect them to, and try not to take it personally.” more

I’m Worried About Leaving My Senior Dog Alone During My Holiday Trip!

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Are you afraid of leaving your dog during your holiday vacation? This is a valid, and surprisingly common concern for dog parents during these Winter months. With an extended absence away from your senior or geriatric dog, you may be feeling guilty or stressed about asking someone, even a close friend, to watch him/her. In some cases, you may even be considering saying a final goodbye before you leave town simply because the stress is too much on your dog, and the burden too great on a caregiver.  more
Fetch a Coffee

Fetch a Coffee That Helps Dogs In Need!

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Dog-loving coffee nerds rejoice! Fetch Coffee Roasters gets you. Fetch is owned by people who love and know coffee—and dogs. “Few things are better than that first sip of coffee in the morning,”  their website states. “And with your dog snuggled by your side, you have the perfect start to your day.” more

A Natural Cure for Pain, Anxiety, Seizures, and More?

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Jennifer McNamee still remembers that chilling phone call from her youngest daughter on September 5 of last year. Home alone, 12-year-old Gracyn found the family’s three-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, Boomer, “on the ground and foaming at the mouth.” more