Does My Dog Need a Friend?

Does My Dog Need a Friend?

Category: Dog Training
Q: Is it possible my dog is depressed after a play-date? My dog spent the weekend with my friend and her dog while I was out of town. The two dogs play really hard but well together. Since she's come home she seems down. Do you think she misses her friend? Should I consider getting a second dog? Do some dogs just do better when they live with a canine friend? If so, what's generally better, getting a dog of the same or opposite gender? more

5 Signs Your Dog Has an ACL Injury

Category: Health
Football, hockey and soccer players are not the only ones to get sidelined due to knee problems. Just like athletes, dogs can end up with a cruciate ligament injury. In fact, cruciate damage is the second most common orthopedic condition found in dogs after hip dysplasia, and is the most frequently operated orthopedic condition in our canine friends.  more

The Best Fall Finds 2017

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Poop Bags You Can Feel Good About!

Poop Bags You Can Feel Good About!

Category: NewsBite
We all know it’s important to pick up after our dogs. Un-scooped dog poop has been found to have a major impact on water contamination and the spread of bacteria into ground water supplies. Yuck, right? But what you use to pick up your dog’s poop is almost as important as scooping in the first place. If you use a regular plastic bag, that bag will outlive you. more
Hawaiian Dream Vacation—With Your Dog!

Hawaiian Dream Vacation—With Your Dog!

Category: Travel
Pristine shores, azure waters, awe-inspiring vistas, and balmy climate… Oahu, the third largest and most populous of the Hawaiian islands, is a dream come true. The only thing that could make it better, of course, is the company of your dog. The problem? Hawaii is rabies free and has strict regulations in place to keep it that way. more


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