Bye Bye, Urine Burn!

Bye Bye, Urine Burn!

Category: Health
Filter your dog’s water and save your lawn from urine burn in the process! Dog Rocks, a natural product that comes straight from the ground, are placed in your dog’s water bowl to naturally filter out impurities such as tin, ammonia, and nitrates. Typically, these elements are carried out of your dog’s body through urine and it is these impurities that cause the unsightly brown patches on your grass. Dog Rocks prevent this. One small pack of Dog Rocks lasts for two whole months, which makes keeping your lawn happy and your dog’s water free of impurities a low maintenance affair. more

Orphaned Child Helps Abandoned Dogs

Category: Inspire
A 14-year-old animal advocate in California is dedicating her time to giving senior rescue dogs a forever home. She too experienced what it’s like to be abandoned. At nine months old, Meena Kumar was left in a basket on a college campus in India, spending a year in an orphanage before she was adopted by a family in San Jose, CA. more
Look What We Found

Look What We Found

Category: Dog Life
Add some attention-getting fun to your dog's look! Snap-In's huge range of super-cute, handmade dog bows and collar additions snap on, making them super-easy to attach and switch up (from $5).   more

How to Get Your Dog to Listen

Category: Dog Training
Your dog’s paws are on the kitchen counter, and he’s thinking that your sandwich looks like lunch—for him. You tell him to leave it. Does he? You’re on a hiking trail when you spy a large mud puddle ahead. You signal to your dog to walk with you around it. Does he? more
Pineapple Puppy

5 Quick and Easy DIY Dog Costumes

Category: Dog Life
Halloween is here and if you've suddenly realized that your dog is the only pup on the block without a costume, don't worry! Check out these 5 easy DIY costumes to transform your dog for the holiday!   1. Pineapple Puppy more


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