Your Dog Is Talking—Are You Listening?

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It was my first time meeting a new client and her puppy. Her older dog was trying to get my attention but the puppy kept intervening. “Puppy getting on the other dog’s nerves, right?” I asked. “Not so much. He’s amazingly tolerant of her,” she replied. “Well, he’s about had enough,” I said. Just then, the older dog snapped. The puppy yipped and scrambled away. “How did you know he was going to do that?” my client asked, surprised. “Do you talk Dog or something?” more
Golf Crew

The Best Golf Crew Ever

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Rick Kaplan is a beloved, if unique, fixture at the Carolina Shores Country Club in Calabash, North Carolina. The 73-year-old plays golf there seven days a week, rain or shine, usually with 15 dogs of all shapes and sizes in tow, from a Labrador to a small terrier. When a video posted to the Instagram account Golfers Doing Things showed Rick on the course with his canine crew, the Internet was enthralled—and wanted answers.  more
Global 2019

We're going to Global Pet Expo 2019!

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We've packed our bags and are on our way to Orlando for Global Pet Expo 2019! If you're attending the show make sure to check out these Modern Dog approved Global Pet Expo exhibitors for the latest and greatest products on the market. Stop by their booth, say hi, and grab a complimentary copy of Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine!             more
Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog's Grooming Products

Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog's Grooming Products

Category: Health
Skin irritants, cancer causing ingredients… why you should make sure your dog’s grooming products—as well as your own—are eco-friendly   Nicole Rossmo-Rigets started preparing homemade dog food with organic ingredients for her Wheaton Terrier back in the 1980s, and credits the wholesome diet for the pup’s longevity.  more

DIY Eat: Delicious Dog Food Toppers

Category: Nutrition
Easy To Make Dog Food Toppers for Your Pet! Is your dog a picky eater? Are you trying to encourage an under-the-weather dog to eat more? Or are you interested in homemade dog food but not quite ready to make all your dog’s meals? These simple and healthy meal dog food toppers are nutrient packed, a cinch to make, and will have your dog diving into her dinner.     more


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