Dogs Give New Leash on Life To Abandoned Cemetery

Dogs Give New Leash on Life To Abandoned Cemetery

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It’s a place where the living mingle with the dead, and dog owners and their pups are vying to get in. This remarkable spot is Washington D.C.’s Historic Congressional Cemetery (HCC), and it’s anything but frightening. In fact, the cemetery—the final resting place of many noteworthy Washingtonians, from congressmen to lauded LGBTQ soldiers and veterans—is arguably one of the country’s liveliest and most famous cemeteries. The cornerstone of its successful transformation? more
Change an Animal's Life This Holiday Season

Change an Animal's Life This Holiday Season

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Contrary to old school thinking, the holiday season is the perfect time to introduce a new furry member into your family. Each year from November 1 to December 31, the Ontario SPCA and participating societies across Canada runs their iAdopt for the Holidays campaign (  with the goal of getting as many animals into new homes over the holiday season as possible. more
5 Mentally & Physically Stimulating Games

5 Mentally & Physically Stimulating Games to Play with Your Dog

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1. Retrieve Toys by Name more

I’m Worried About Leaving My Senior Dog Alone During My Holiday Trip!

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Are you afraid of leaving your dog during your holiday vacation? This is a valid, and surprisingly common concern for dog parents during these Winter months. With an extended absence away from your senior or geriatric dog, you may be feeling guilty or stressed about asking someone, even a close friend, to watch him/her. In some cases, you may even be considering saying a final goodbye before you leave town simply because the stress is too much on your dog, and the burden too great on a caregiver.  more

Bison Brittle

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Ingredients (Organic is best whenever possible.) more


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