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California Bill Bans Sale of Mill-bred Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits in Pet Stores

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A historical piece of legislation has been passed in California that will have a profound impact on pets and the pet industry. California has passed a bill that will ban the sale of mill-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores, with its enforcement commencing January 1st, 2019. Authored by Assembly member Patrick O’Donnell, the measure is known as AB 485 or the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, and specifies that pet stores in California may carry these animals only if they are sourced from a shelter or rescue group of some kind.  more

Huskies, Happiness, & a Return to Health

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Part-time Dogs

Part-time Dogs

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Do you know someone who would love the company of a dog, but can’t for whatever reason—housing, travel, work-schedule—make a full-time commitment? Or, do you have a penchant for a particular breed, say a Cairn-Terrier or Saint Bernard, but wonder if the Cairn’s busy terrier-ness or the Berner’s giant size is a match for your personality and lifestyle? If you’ve ever hankered for some part-time dog company or wanted to try out a certain breed, borrowing a dog could be the ticket! more

DIY Eat: Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

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The Dr. Dolittle of Pet Prosthetics

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When a veterinarian, desperate for help, brought a chocolate Lab to the human prosthetics and orthotics clinic where Derrick Campana worked 12 years ago, Derrick’s life was changed forever.  The dog, named Charles, needed a prosthetic leg due to a rare congenital deformity called ectrodactyly, which causes limbs to form abnormally. Serving animals was something Derrick had never considered, but he forged ahead nonetheless. After successfully creating a prosthetic leg on the first try, Derrick had a lightbulb moment.  more


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