How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking?

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking?

Category: Dog Training
Do you sometimes think your dog just likes the sound of his own voice? While some breeds are naturally prone to barking (the Cairn Terrier and the Chihuahua are two examples), there is often a reason why your dog is being so noisy. more

Dogs Who Excel At Napping

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Gus submitted by Shane Hubbert   Rambo submitted by Treen Goodwin   Avery submitted by Lacy Savoie   more

Overlooked Black Dogs

Category: Inspire
Big Black Dogs—or BBDs, as shelter workers call them—undeniably have it tough. Many animal shelter workers report that adoptable black dogs are frequently passed over in favour of lighter-coloured pups, leaving the black dogs to languish in shelters or, far worse, not make it out at all. more
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Vet Advice with Dr. Liz Bales - Itchy Last Straw

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Itchy Last Straw! more
A Dog Treat Recipe For Fresh Breath

A Dog Treat Recipe For Fresh Breath

Category: Nutrition
INGREDIENTS {Note: Organic is best whenever possible} more


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